Custom Jewelry Design in Lockport, IL

There are more choices in jewelry than ever before. Department stores and online shops have so many options that it can be difficult to decide which piece is right for you or your loved one. Instead of spending hours trying to find exactly what you imagine, why not build it yourself?

Heritage Jewelers works with clients to create custom jewelry in Lockport, IL. Walk into our store with an idea and walk out with a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. We create rings, pendants, necklaces and more from scratch and even repurpose old jewelry to fit your current style.

Create from Scratch

Once you decide exactly what you want, it’s hard to settle for anything less. This is especially true when it comes to engagement rings. Choosing an engagement ring is a very important and personal process. You need to select a ring that suits you and your spouse for the rest of your lives. Together, we can render the exact ring you want.

Our customized jewelry is not exclusive to engagement rings. Create any piece of jewelry for an anniversary, event or everyday wear.

Repurpose Your Jewelry

Turn your old or inherited jewelry into a new piece that fits your personal style. We can work with you to resize the piece or design in a completely new version. Repurpose jewelry to get exactly what you want from what you already have. We can alter entire pieces of jewelry or transform loose stones.

Heritage Jewelers has a full-time jeweler on site with over 30 years of experience. We see to each customer’s needs individually to create unique jewelry at reasonable prices.

If you are in the market for custom jewelry in Lockport, IL, give us a call at (815) 838-9591, or stop by our store for inquires.